Sunday, March 12, 2006

Madam Scarlette: Pug Psychic

Sasha is busy sleeping in a sunbeam (Why does it keep moving? Why?), but we are fortunate enough to have a special guest writer today. Please welcome Madam Scarlette who joins us today from her gypsy tent located deep in the mysterious and haunted woods of North Dakota. Madam Scarlette's inner eye has 20/20 vision and she is deeply gifted in the art of wrinklistry.

Our second guest of today is Riley

We showed Madam Scarlette Riley's photo, and here is what she had to say"

My son, your handsome face reveals much about you. Your deep nose roll indicates a deep thinker, a philosopher - you spend much time pondering serious dilemmas, such as how to open the fridge door. Your rest line sits perpendicular to your nose roll - you rest well and are not troubled by these dilemmas while you sleep. You also have a well-developed hunger spot on your forehead - are your people feeding you enough? More treats are definitely needed to satiate you. I see no child lines - stud service is not in your future, but your eye lines indicate you are and will continue to be blessed with many friends of different breeds and species.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bath Day

We were hoping to give you pug meetup photos today, but the roads were too icy to drive accross the city, so we proudly presents bath day instead.

The Supplies:

Here is how bath day works at our house
1. Take Sasha out for a pee - it takes a few hours for her to completely dry, and it's too cold to go out wet.
2. Run about 3 inches of warm water and lay out all the supplies.
3. Go downstairs and say, "Bath Time!"
4. Wait for Sasha to finish her happy run and take her into the bathroom.
5. Put her in the tub where she happily sits and relaxes
6. Pour water down her back (not on her head) until she's good and wet
7. Get a squirt of doggy shampoo and massage it in
8. Continue massaging shampoo in with Zoom Groom (helps get all the dead hair off to cut down on future shedding)
9. Wet a washcloth and put doggy toothpaste on it
10. Rub it over her teeth while saying things like "My, you will have such lovely fresh breath." and "You will have teeth as white as snow." in an encouraging voice. (She does NOT like having her teeth brushed, but will tolerate it for vanities sake if I compliment her the whole time)
11. Dump some ear cleaning solution in each ear and massage the base of the ear
12. Wet another washcloth and wash face, including nose roll
13. Drain tub and rinse Sasha with clean water from Tap
14. Brush with Zoom Groom
15. Rinse again
16. Rinse out tub
17. Fill tub half full with warm water and baking soda
18. Talk to Sasha for 10-15 minutes while she soaks in water (this seems to help with her itchies) *disclaimer* I'm not a vet - I suggest you speak with your own about this. *end disclaimer*
19. Drain tub
20. Rub down Sasha with first towel while she attacks it
21. Once first towel is too wet to be effective, repeat with second towel
22. Use cotton pads to dry out ears
23. Use corner of towel to dry out nose roll
24. Wipe out ears with ear wipes (keeps them smelling extra fresh)
25. Put a dab of polysporin in nose roll (I've heard of some people using vaseline for this - I find the polysporin helps prvent the roll guckies better. *disclaimer* I'm not a vet - I suggest you speak with your own about this. *end disclaimer*)
26. Blow dry Sasha on low setting for as long as she'll stand it, while saying things like, "What a pretty girl! You shine like Black Beauty" and "Is that Sasha? I hardly recognized you without all that dead hair and dirt on you" in an encouraging voice. See #10.
27. Try to contain pugtona in rooms with carpet so she doesn't kill herself on the laminate floor before she's completely dry
28. Clean entire bathroom of approximately 10 lbs of dog hair.
29. Wonder how she isn't bald at the rate she sheds.
30. Admire Clean Dog

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Everyone needs a Montage!

At the risk of ripping off Willow and Belle, we created a montage today. We were going to use "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta" as the song, but it has the n word in it, which I object to. Instead, you get some Jane's Addiction. The beginning of this song makes Sasha slighty crazy.

- L

Create your own video at One True Media

Friday, March 03, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Today, Sasha is 4 years old!

To celebrate, she's done the following:
- Eaten a can of tuna for brekkie

- Romped in the snow without stupid booties on (I usually make her wear booties, but she doesn't like them. She had a great time playing, but then got cold and had to be carried home in my jacket - the reason I usually make her wear booties)

- Had several bites of steak

- Had a nap on the big bed with only her nose and her front paws poking out

It's been a good day for the birthday girl :)

**Edit: I looked after a co-workers kids for a couple of hours last Friday so he and his wife could go for dinner. I brought Sasha along because she likes kids and they like her. Well, the kids just showed up at the door with a thank you gift for last Friday - a fuzzy sqeaky toy for Miss Sasha. What perfect timing they have!

***Edit #2: I threw the new colour together in MSPaint tonight. It's not very good, nor is it very "Superpug"ish, but we needed some colour.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Vet Visit

Sasha's yearly vet visit was yesterday.

We went in, and the vet was reviewing her file to see if she was due for rabies. After a couple of minutes, she got to the bit about the hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. "Oh, I remember Sasha! We thought for sure she was going to die! She was the sickest I ever saw a dog with this that lived. We were all so happy when she pulled through."

This was news to me. Apparently, they told Jeromy at the time but no one told me because, well, I was already pretty unhinged. Nothing like your little buddy in an incubator with an IV in her arm, pooping blood. I remember going in every day after work to visit her, and she was barely able to lift her little head, yet she'd try to get up to climb into my lap. I did what any sane pug owner would do and wrapped her up in a towel to keep her warm and cuddled her. I also used to give her a sponge bath every day because I didn't think anyone could possibly get well covered in their own bloody excrement.

Since then, Sasha has been back three times - last year's shots, to have a cracked tooth removed, and this years shots. Each time, she has put her little paws on either Jer's or my chests for as much of the visit as possible and looked up at us with a pleading, "Please don't leave me" look.

Hopefully, we'll never have to again.

On the plus side, Sasha is in wonderful shape:
- She weighs in at 16.3 lbs, which she has stayed at her entire adult life (excepting when she was sick and dipped down to 12 lbs)
- Her teeth are in great shape and the oral hygeine we do on her shows (we rub her teeth with a wet washcloth once or twice a week and give them a good brushing with doggy toothpaste on bath day)
- Her temperature is perfect
- One of her ears is slighty gooky, but this is attributable to her allergies
- Her heart and lungs sound perfect
- the vet palpitated her stomach and said everything felt perfect in there.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Starving Pug

I admit it. This blog is all a front. I am a crazy, dog-starving hag who never feeds her dog. Ever. Not even on Christmas.

Look at those eyes. Do they look like the eyes of a dog that has had breakfast and dinner regularly? Do they look like they belong to a dog who gets treats daily and has bones and chewies? No, they are the eyes of a starved pug.

Please, for Sasha's sake, call the SPCA before she dies of starvation.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lazy Pug

When I adopted Sasha, I never expected to make money. However, I also did not expect to spend as much money as I have. You see, despite the Superpug facade we use online, Sasha is the canine equivilant of that sickly kid in school - you know, the one with the leg braces and head gear and asthma inhaler. The one who makes it so no one can bring a single peanut butter M&M to school for fear of severe allergic reaction. She is, as my mom puts it, "prone".

After her $850 stint in K9 ICU two summers ago, I started having conversations with Sasha about perhaps helping me recoup the thousands of dollars I've spent on her health, upkeep, entertainment, etc. We've watched Dogs With Jobs and had long discussions about how Eddie on Frasier earns his people thousands of dollars just for sitting on a sofa for half an hour a week. We've discussed her skills and how to best market them. We even picked out her most professional looking bandana for interviews.

However, when I got home today, I got the distinct impression she had not taken our talks seriously. I hope she didn't order anything on PPV.